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Pipeline: Currently we have developed six prototypes of our targeted multi-therapeutic compound (JTI20171-6). In in vitro and mice preliminary studies, our prototypes elicited cell death in KRAS mutated pancreatic cancer cell lines resistant to chemotherapy drug Gemcitabine and anti-EGFR immunotherapeutic antibodies like Cetuximab. These compounds were designed to target both primary and metastatic tumors, and to deliver combination therapy for more complete killing of tumor masses. Because the multi-therapeutic compound has anti-cancer effects in other cancers (leukemia, prostate, breast, colorectal, lung, and brain cancers), we will expand the product pipeline of our technology to other cancer markets in the future.

In addition to our multi-therapeutic compounds, we have developed a monoclonal antibody derivative (HDY20181_mAb) with therapeutic properties against KRAS mutated pancreatic cancers.